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BIO Authentication Could Replace Paper PIN Codes

The paper PIN CODE confirmation in the mail could be replaced by polymorphic BIO identity checking – and that's just for starters if trials of TORIDIONS new biological data storage technology prove resilient and reliable enough for commercial use.

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous paper slip in the mail that contains the 4 digits that give would be criminals potential access to our financial life. The cost of issuing paper pin codes is extraordinary but if new technology now being trailed by Toridion Project is successful then pin codes issued on paper may be a thing of the past.

Virtual Implant Technology is alternative to invasive systems

The technology which is currently wearable, would require the user to verify one time in person at a local bank branch. Once this is completed a sophisticated array of algorithms can then use the data captured to generate quantum-based crypt keys which can be used to generate SMS or E-Mail messages that can be subsequently used to literally “download information from your eye itself”. This essentially makes the human part of the information system and functions as a virtual implant alternative.

Because of the way the software works, the message transmitted is so secure that only the biological responses of the recipient can be used to decode the message in realtime. The technology uses your own bodies responses to external and physical stimuli to entangle the stored public keys with the data and your own body. Unlike simple facial recognition which can be fooled, bio signatures it is believed offer a much more secure way of identifying the individual and in turn making communication more secure.

Industry consultations and volunteer trials are now planned for September 2016.

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