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On Gravity as Self Replicating Information

Gravity represents the most pure and ancient form of self replicating information in the universe.  Able to emerge from apparent nothingness and manifest as matter in the universe, giving form and life to objects that now create more gravity in its own image.

From a scientific perspective the tenets of astrology are now long resigned to ridicule. Indeed, the very idea that planets, stars or even our own sun may have any effect on Earth is met with utter dismissal. I have to wonder why this strange stance is adopted when the very foundation of modern science is founded mostly on astrology? Personally, I am most interested in information. Information being some configuration of energy that is generally both stable and replicable. Let us start first by considering the sphere. The sphere is the most primitive form of stable shape that is naturally constructed as a direct result of gravity? I am being rhetorical of course, the evidence for this is quite clear as we stand on a sphere orbiting a star. Would you question that it is gravity that created the sphere of Earth? I doubt it, so accepting that gravity is capable of creating at very least “balls in space” we can write down on a hypothetical list the first “thing” that we can say for certain the laws of the cosmos can create. The foregoing is not trivial. Henceforth from the creation of a sphere, it is fair to say that all science we currently practice is only possible because of that law? You could be forgiven for saying that “modern science is only possible because of this principle law of gravity”.

Gravity uses matter to propagate and reproduce in a Borg like manner through the universe

OK, so as not to dwell on this minor triumph, let us move onto the next significant creation of gravity – replication. Having acted upon stochastic matter for eons, gravity forms a spherical planet. This planet we call Earth, is also a significant source of – yes... Gravity! How wonderful no? That gravity acts upon matter via invisible energetic forces in such a way as to create a new version of itself? What does this imply? Well, not only is a new source of gravity created but now that gravity source functions in most respects in an identical way to its parent. If it was a living thing we might go as far as to say that gravity is self replicating? I believe so, and therefore we can apply these two fundamental observations and ask “Is gravity information”? The answer is yes. It is both stable and self replicating, in fact it is so stable and so prolific that it has functioned since time began, gathering matter and giving birth to stars and eventually galaxies and planets.Gravity uses matter to propagate and reproduce like a cosmic virus, like the Borg from Star Trek, it assmilates everything in its quest for universal domination.

Gravity is information on that there can be no doubt. Undertsanding it is of parmount importance.

So how can we interpret this information – if at all? A simple way may be to consider our own moon. When we look skyward and see its spherical shape, and with the certain understanding that gravity is the force that creates isolated spheres in space, we can say with certainty. “Gravity made that”. This is both a scientific and “astrology” first principle that is universally equal. The cosmos made the stars, the planets and the moons. We can read the “information” of the moon like a celestial book, written in bold letters and 100% understandable for anyone to see. Not only is the moon a book that describes the information of the present state of the system, but such is the universal power of information therein contained, we can read that book and discover the history of the solar system many thousands of years in the past and future. Powerful would you not say? That this most simple of information represented by the simple mathematics of gravity can in fact be proven to be a book of information that is able to be read in any time or place and remain true. It is omnipotent, it is omniscient, it is both the most amazingly complex and equally child simple language ever witnessed – it's judgment is pure and without bias.

At first, this all sounds very “final”, very “determined” and a quick glance at the average day in the life reveals that things don't appear to be so clear cut. If gravity runs to such clockwork precision how can the diversity of life and reality be so wondrously different? The solution to this question lies in the quantum measurement problem.  Such discussions are for another time, but the foregoing leaves us with enough to consider how understanding gravity as information can lead to untold advancment in the development of technology and in particular information analytics and memory systems.

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