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Powered by TORIDION Quantum BigData Analytics is Helping Predict Devastating Earthquakes

Although your smartphone isn't a quantum computer, the computer called 'TORIDION' that first suggested the relationship between the Sun and minuscule wide scale gravitational anomalies in the solar system is one of the worlds most unique and powerful working quantum simulations.

Built originally to simulate theoretical FTL “Faster Than Light” particles for the purpose of compressing information and quantum memory simulations, it was TORIDION that discovered subtleties or (perturbations) in the orbital behaviours of planets. TORIDION produced theoretical results by simultaneously processing almost 200 years of daily solar records, and second by second correlations with both earthquake records, planetary tidal calculations and planetary positions.

A completely new unseen picture of the way energy moves around our universe

The result was both astounding and potentially groundbreaking, because if correct (and thus far the results are in favour of that hypothesis) it would allow a new model of gravitational and tidal forces to be merged with existing Newtonian principles to paint a completely new unseen picture of the way energy moves around our universe – Quantum Superfluid!

September Long Range Earthquake Forecast

The data produced by TORIDION is now being used by Quakescanner Earthquake Project to model theoretical distortions in the fabric of space itself in a groundbreaking attempt to predict when Earth may be travelling through periods of “quantum turbulence” and therefore more likely to to experience seismic activity and large scale climate changes such as rapid rise of ocean temperatures.

High risk of increased earthquake activity on the run up to 26 August 2016

The project now has an iOS app (available to download from iTunes here), that app is phase 1 of a long term goal to develop a reliable and accurate earthquake forecast application that can be freely accessed by everyone. In the current phase, Quakescanner models how space is distorted across the entire solar system as the planets hurl around the Sun. By mapping these waves to the local position of Earth, it then calculates the severity and time of the calculated distortions and offers a simplified view of the likelihood that these would contribute as a “root cause” of a seismic event. So far during 2016 the project has successfully predicted the most destructive time periods of the year, most significantly forecasting the arrival of the April 10th to 16th spate of tragic earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador.

The power of quantum analytics allowed the visualisation of 200 years of data in one frame

“From an analytics perspective, the task seems impossible” says Scot Forshaw the developer of Quakescanner. “The relationships are so subtle. Trying to compare 200 years of second by second data for causally linked relationships between the entire solar system and terrestrial climate data is really really hard. Quantum big data analytics provided by TORIDION allowed me to find relationships and entangled systems and visualise those relationships in one frame, allowing me create algorithms that could be run on much less powerful architecture at near realtime speed”

Keep up to date with the QS project on the earthquake blog page here


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