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Quantum Earthquake Forecast Algorithm Sheds New Light On Planetary Tidal Effects

Research results released today 4th December 2016 by Quantum Gravity Project Quakescanner throws more support to the hypothesis that the planets do indeed affect our sun and Earth itself. 

The Project which has been publicly publishing advance Long Range Earthquake Forecasts since August 2016 has today published results that show that the chances of randomly achieving the results it has obtained are at best 34:1 against! 

Over a 122 day period the project has forecast just 44 days in which serious earthquakes would happen Of those 44 dates, 18 were exactly accurate, and only 8 were total false alarms.  

The abstract below is an extract from the full paper which can be downloaded directly from Visicom FTP or by the Research Gate website. View publication here or download the paper directly here

View full project files on Research Gate here.


This paper documents the skill of the Quakescanner Superfluid Quantum Gravity Distortion method for the long range prediction of significant earthquakes for the period August 1st 2016 to November 30th 2016 , a period of 122 days. The findings presented demonstrate that the model was exceptionally skilful in predicting 18 out of 36 days in which significant earthquakes occurred. The assertion of the findings is that the odds of randomly correctly choosing 18 out of 36 days in a 122 day period using only 44 attempts are approx 34.7:1 against. Furthermore the model predicted only 44 out 122 days to produce significant events (the number of tries), so far from being a simple 50/50 duck shoot, the results presented here, so far support the hypothesis that planetary positions and tidal anomalies are very likely causally related to terrestrial seismic activity in some way and that the QS model which employes a modified tidal equation to derive a vectorisation of theorised quantum gravity distortions which both pass through Earth's path and modify the density of the space-time fabric from which Earth instantaneously generates its own gravity has thus far proved a substantially accurate way to model this.

Strongest evidence yet

Strongest evidence by public dissemination in favour that planetary motions can influence earthquakes is put forward and the project which has 2 moths yet to run will publish its full findings in February.



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