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TORIDION Powered ExoBio Implant Takes a Step Forward

Last month TORIDION announced that it was planning to upscale tests on the viability of using its quantum memory technology to store identity data in a human eye. As software experiments are currently well underway with promising results, designers in the UK have been busy developing prototypes that could eventually lead to a portable device that can make the process available to anyone.

The device currently being developed is just a prototype. At this stage it is thought that a portable unit that can attach to a standard spectacle frame would make the most flexible deployment method.

The device makes the user part of the computational process

Although in most respects a “wearable”, the device also induces changes in your eye whilst simultaneously scanning it. This allows the device to decode highly compressed communications by using your eye as a quantum “cryptkey”. Essentially your physiology becomes part of the computational process and the results are a realtime, uniquely secure communication technology that can store data both in your biology and on a remote system.  

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