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A few guidelines and often asked questions. 

For consultants

"I am a consultant with a big client, your stuff looks like what they need. Can you sort me a demo or presentation for them, I'm sure yours is the best solution and they will buy it?"

I am happy to work with consultants. I charge a set day rate for assisting you in helping your client. That translates simply into, "yes I can do your job for you ... but you will have to pay for it". If you and your client are serious about moving forward with a project then I am happy to refund that initial cost into the overall project. 

"But I just want you to demonstrate your skills, surely you wont charge me for that?"

You are getting paid to find people like me. I in turn have a global portfolio of enterprise class software platforms that are generating millions in revenue. I dont make money by being your personal presentation monkey. If your clients think I am the man for the job, then they can contact me directly and I will gladly demonstrate how I can help them.

For everyone else

"I have an idea for an ( app, software, SaaS, web application, spacecraft, new technology ~) can you help me develop and/or get it to market?"

I love bright, energetic people with a passion for their ideas. Checkout what I do and How to work with me pages. I work with people and businesses at any stage of idea generation.


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